Yesterday, I enjoyed a day off from work and joined my self-employed husband whilst he ran a few errands.

First stop: the gas station.

Whilst refueling at a self-serve station, I checked emails on my phone, then looked up at the pump and thought, I’m a bit light-headed, then continued on without a second thought. My husband went to pay for the gas inside the station. Moments later, I sensed movement, looked again and realized I was, indeed, rolling backwards. Hmm, time to think fast, so I leapt into the driver’s seat, then braked. Thankfully, the sole casualty was the 12V USB charger – knocked out of commission by a size 12 boot – easily replaced.

Husband returns giggling, then utters, “That was a total fail! You should have put it in Park first or pulled the emergency brake! NOT climb over the emergency brake!!” Further adding, “The gas station attendant and I had a really good giggle. He said it was one of the most entertaining moments he’d seen and invited us back.”

Moral: If you let a Brit drive your car, keep an eye on the gear shift and a smile on your face.