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Autumnal Snow Update


The snow came and went. Electricity has been restored as of last Tuesday. And, G is preparing for installing of our permanent power generator to alleviate future power outages from storms such as this one. (We had taken delivery of the generator two weeks prior to the storm. G spent most of the powerless days spluttering, “I’m such a fool for not installing the generator!” That said, his life experience certainly carried us through quite well – we had heat from our wood-burning stove, we collected snow to melt for flush water, and had the use of a car battery to light a LED-bulb lamp as well as charge 2 smartphones. All in all, a very comfortable experience compared to other neighbors who rely totally  on electricity to heat, cook and light their homes.

The pic above was taken during a rest from shoveling of 18″ of snow. I love the sight of snow on the leaves, but not enough to wish for another storm in October! 🙂


A view of our picnic table and a just-shoveled path and the more recent fallen leaves upon the snow – a very unusual sight.

Once the generator is installed (and pass the village building inspection), we will have the option to power it with propane and.or add solar panels and wind generator. The latter choices would potentially put us off the power grid completely – which makes us all happy.

Our return to normalcy is completely due to the most efficient utility crews who are still working round-the-clock to restore power and remove trees from power lines since last Saturday. Our utility company had 100,000 customers out at the onset of the storm – a significant portion of the 2.3 million customers out in the North East section of the US. Thank you!



  1. Elizabeth

    Glad to hear things are getting back to normal, Sue. That first image is just gorgeous – I love the flag flying triumphantly amidst the snow and the ‘hope’ of the light touching those trees. My love to you and G. XXX

    • Sue

      Thanks so much, Elizabeth! Yes, and the dragon on the Welsh flag wishing it were flying in a much warmer clime. 🙂 Much love to you and yours, xoxo