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My Little Camera

First in a series called, “My Little Camera,” documenting my life as a music publisher [Ed: I have since deleted the web link, so if you wish to see it, please let me know.]

In 2002, I purchased a Panasonic SV AV10 on a lark, knowing full well this is a toy, not meant to render hi-res footage, but would, nonetheless, provide me with an opportunity to film anytime, anywhere. Despite its compact size, it’s not entirely unobtrusive. Most subjects, however, were comfortable when I shot impromptu video. Especially David Fanshawe.

This short film is a compilation of several visits with Jane & David Fanshawe, one of the composers I had the privilege of representing whilst employed at European American Music Distributors LLC (1999-2005). David was a natural for this sort of impromptu filming, as you will see.

David & Jane always made me feel welcome in their home – and we always returned the favor. I treasure our memories together. Jane introduced me to the joys of Marmite, Lady Grey tea, and Jaffa Cakes. I shared David’s enthusiasm for a pint, as well as his curiosity for all things in life.

The last visit was at our place just weeks before David’s death in 2010.


  1. Elizabeth

    How wonderful to have worked with and know David Fanshawe. I really admired his contribution to collecting so much indigenous music … and, of course, his music played a very important part in two of my favourite films, ‘Tarka the Otter’ and ‘The Making Of An American Quilt’. Sue, you have been blessed. x

    • admin

      Thanks, Elizabeth! xoxo