After a stunning Super-Moonlit Saturday night, we’re enjoying the first full day of Spring celebrated by an inch of newly fallen but soon-to-be-melted snow. Our young corgidor, Morris, enjoyed the falling snow and waited outside long enough to realize his snow couch was not reappearing for his enjoyment. So, he’s decided to have a lay-in protest in front of the fire. Thankfully, it’s not serious and I won’t be concerned. . .unless, he decides to go on a hunger strike and not eat the plantain burger in his bowl.

Raised beds are constructed and ready for top soil. . .thousands upon thousands of acorns gently relocated from the garden back to the forest. . .chives and strawberry plants already in grow mode. . .two batches of hard cider – one, blueberry-apple and the other, cranberry-apple – fermenting out for bottling. Everything’s in hand.

So, it’s off to shovel the slush, then back at it, composing two live-to-projection ditties.