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Out of the Box

One of the thoughts that constantly crosses my mind is how valuable friends are in providing job opportunities. All of the jobs I’ve been fortunate to do are not what I thought I was trained to do, but obviously, my friends thought differently. THANK YOU! 🙂

Most recently, I’ve been busy creating playlists for a client – a job which fell into my lap, via a friend who thought I might be well-suited for the task. I really enjoy this project as it keeps my brain engaged looking for new Top 40 music that fits within the prescribed parameters of the task. To that end, if any of you are ASCAP publishers with up-and-coming artists charting on Billboard, please let me know and I’ll see to it your artists are included in one of the playlists. Shoot me an e-mail with your tunes and let’s go from there.

Back to the”out of the box” thread. . .
I realized my career has evolved entirely via my friends/colleagues. The first time it happened I was trained as a music copyist – a great way to supplement my playing career – but, a challenge for the other line copyists, given I’m left-handed. You see, most copyists are right-handed, and work from the upper left corner of a page down to the lower right corner, allowing the ink to dry without smudging. I have to work from the opposite direction, creating a diversion in the assembly line, as it were.

Thankfully, I now use a computer to emulate music engraving and it doesn’t care what hand I favor. Again, I’m doing something with the software off-task and unique to most users: I use it to create concert performances of filmed scores. A film score composer records his music (in bits and pieces) to synchronize with the film (as it exists at that moment). The recorded music is then cut to fit the visual images which might have been edited further from the version provided to the composer originally. When the time comes for a publisher to create a contiguous and playable concert version of the entire score, they call me! Woohoo!

I then collect all of the original music score as composed, along with the theatrical release version of the film, and edit the score to fit, suitable for a live performance. These projects are a large undertaking and expensive to produce, but great fun to hear/see the final product on stage with live musicians recreating the original score in performance with the film projected above their heads.

What an amazing experience for the audience! For me, it’s yet another job I didn’t train to do, but one that certainly is appreciated. I’ve had “fans” approach me after the concert, requesting an autograph. An autograph from the copyist? Well, why not, I say – bring it on – and it’ll inspire others to pursue their dreams, perhaps, as is my path, and have a great time doing so “out of the box.”


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