View from the new office

View from the new office

This vista is one of my all-time favorite skylines all year round: Manhattan via Sinatra Boulevard, Hoboken NJ. At the moment of this pic’s taking, I was with 8 work colleagues visiting the neighborhood of the new office. It was an opportunity for all to make a dry-run of their commute, door-to-door. In this case, to admire the view outside of the new building.

Richard Bretan, Travis Westphal, Christian Lee, Ellen Martino, Lorena Cerisano, and the left hand of Bill Johnson (not pictured: Cathi Profitko and Amy Peltier)


Shortly thereafter, hunger and thirst set in (as it often does during a sojourn), and we travellers searched for a remedy. We quickly aborted the reconnoiter to locate Maxwell’s , instead, finding a burger and a beer sports bar – close to the office. All in all, an unqualified success.

Travis Westphal framing a shot of the Hoboken Terminal

I love the patina of the Hoboken Terminal, let alone snapping pics of photographers. Thanks, Travis, for being the foreground subject of this snapshot.

All in all, an unqualified success!