Jack Wilkins & Friends performing at
Morahan Waterfront Park, Greenwood Lake NY
July 1, 2012

Apologies for a long absence – work intervenes – and, as most of you know, it’s all under wraps, so I can’t brag (even if it were polite to do so)!

I can, however, chat about a recent performance at our village’s park. . .

3 world-class musicians – Jack Wilkins, Harvie S and Jeff Hirshfield – played 2 sets last Sunday and was thoroughly enjoyed and well-received by all!

How did they find themselves a gig in this part of Orange County? Well, as it happens and thanks to my previous life as a jazz pianist, Jack is a long-time and dear friend. He plays at our home when we host our solstice parties – winter and summer. One such party’s invited guest was the Mayor of our village and she, being a very clever bunny, hired Jack to play a concert as part of the village’s summer concert series. And, this was it! As she described this past Sunday’s event, “It’s like having Carnegie Hall in our backyard!” – all with the beautiful Greenwood Lake as the backdrop. It was a feast for the senses. . .and the mosquitoes, but that’s part of lake living, doncha know!

Happy Summer!