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An open letter of appreciation

Dear Mr Parker, Chairman & CEO of US Airways:

I’m writing to thank you and your US Airways team for making yesterday’s inclement weather travel stress-free. My travels coincided with the storm making its way from the South to the NorthEast, so I was in the storm all day. I recall only a few employees names, however, I do wish to acknowledge:

Cindy Campbell, gate agent, Asheville NC Regional airport – Once we received word our 9:42am departure to Charlotte was delayed due to a wind advisory, she re-booked most (if not all) the passengers connections on later flights (and kept the existing bookings, just in case we did arrive on time), handing us print-out of the details so we could pick up our boarding passes at Special Services in Charlotte. This employee’s quick thinking made this passenger’s day stress-free in an otherwise anxiety-producing weather event. Brilliant.

The pilot and co-pilot of flight 4138 who ‘dashed’ us safely to Charlotte. Her skillful taxi-ing saved us precious minutes. (Had there not been an emergency landing upon arrival at Charlotte I might have made my original connection, but I’m sure others did thanks to her piloting.)

The flight attendant, formerly a hairdresser from Syracuse, who chatted with all of us (seated in the exit rows at the front of the aircraft) during the bumpy air. She settled our nerves with her happy countenance and remarked how much she loves her new career. She’s a keeper. I suggested she view clips of BBC One’s show, Come Fly With Me, as a must-see comedic antidote to a ‘hairy’ travel day.

The entire Special Services staff on Concourse B who processed a long line of interrupted travelers with smiles throughout the day.

Earlene, reception staff at the US Airways Club (Concourse B), who treated this day-pass customer with value. I joked with her that the atmosphere in the Club was TOO calm and relaxing; and that I was headed to the gate just to raise my anxiety a bit. Another keeper for an employee.

Lastly, the crew of flight 860, who delivered us passengers safely to Newark only delayed a couple hours with a landing that felt as smooth as butter. What crosswinds and teeming rain?

I’ve done my share of airplane travel and I realize I had an easy time of it yesterday, thanks to your team, so I’d appreciate your time in passing my thoughts along. . .

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  1. Elizabeth

    That’s great, Sue. I’m so pleased that you found a sympathetic crew and got there safely. Wishing you and G a wonderful new year – may 2012 be filled with joy, happiness and good things for you both. xxx