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Autumnal Snow

5-6" so far. . .

It’s nearly Halloween and we’re in the midst of a snow storm! Expected snowfall: 10-14″!

This is the view looking out back of the house into the woods. “It’s being to look a lot like Chr. . .” STRIKE that! Too soon for Christmas carols, but not quite the right setting for Monster Mash. The background shows trees with leaves heavy with snow. Hopefully, we won’t lose electricity – the object in the foreground is the not yet installed power generator (water pump requires leckricity to pump). Heat’s no issue. As you can also see, a few cords of firewood are at the ready. (I’ve the watermark as proof.)

How many times in a lifetime will I get to write “leaves heavy with snow?” – my selfish reason for posting today. I’ll return once the storm passes with updated snowfall amounts.


  1. Elizabeth

    It looks absolutely magical, Sue, but I hope it’s not going to cause you problems. You obviously live in a very beautiful home – how lovely to lead into forest lands. Keep warm and cosy. My love to you both. xx

    • Sue

      We fared very well (compared to others) during this freak snowstorm, thanks to G. He has lived off the grid (on a narrow boat) and knows well how to prioritize which puts my anxiety to ease. 🙂 You and your brood are welcome here anytime to see this magical place for yourselves. xoxo