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Internet Connection

I returned home yesterday from a road trip to visit my immediate family several states away. When my husby and I first made the trip a few years ago, we both commented to one another the day would soon come allowing travelers to access the internet whilst traveling. Since that trip, of course, the internet via WiFi, 3G, 4G, etc. has, indeed, allowed for travelers to remain connected during their sojourns. We kept ahead of the weather by viewing the local radar maps; we listened to our favorite radio stations not only on the installed satellite radio, but via the internet; we downloaded topographical maps to our smartphones; we were notified immediately thereafter of overage on our data plans (!); and, quickly backdated our data plans to avoid the hefty overage fees; we surfed for local restaurants, dog-friendly motels, gas stations and prices; and answered a few emails. All this in the palm of our hands. Our lives are connected with always-on internet access to supplement our daily activities.

That said, the title of this post refers to a more personal experience. This morning, nearly 40 years after meeting my second cousin (on a family trip to the UK), she connected with me via this blog. We had communicated for a few years after the visit with letters, but as life goes, we lost touch. She searched for another Sue Sinclair and found one of my online profiles linked to this blog. To say I’m overwhelmed with joy is an understatement. Wow. I look forward to sharing the past 40 years with her and staying in touch from hereon.


  1. Elizabeth

    The wonders of modern science…and they said it would never catch on!

    It’s good to be in touch. xxx

    • admin

      It’s a good thing for us it did! 🙂