15 months after the filing date of our spousal immigration forms, G enters the USA as a permanent resident! We crossed the Canadian border with the bear riding shotgun and headed home, at long last, together. The past year was filled with 27 border crossings, each time coming home to the US without the husband. This last time was a surreal event – wondering if we’d step on US soil together. Needless to say, Margeritas with a side order of silliness were on the menu for dinner. Menu didn’t change for a week – but I didn’t mind the left-overs!

1 week after, he receives his SS card; the following week, his driver and motorcyle operator licenses; the next week his official PR card. Gubberment moves quickly once the potential taxable incomes becomes imminent!

2 months after crossing the border, we’re buying a home. In the midst of all this excitement, I’m near the end of my work on H’s opera and ready to start on the next project: The second film performed live-to-projection of a very famous trilogy. The recent news that he’s signed for 2 more films means I’ll be busy for quite some time. Good thing, we’ll be living closer to work!

Mid-summer’s coming, time to stock up on Elephant beer and Aquavit. Enjoy it!